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Self-awareness is the initial module for a reason – it's the foundation to which the entire house is built. It is arguably the most important characteristic one can possess. With it… you can learn how to stay in your strength zone and either improve, delegate or mitigate your weaknesses. Without it… you simply can’t perform at your highest level.


While the concept of developing positive habits is basic in theory… it's extremely challenging. It takes discipline, intention, commitment and a plan. You choose your habits and your habits dictate your success. Success is not a result of what you do occasionally. Success is a result of what you do every… single… day.


Why is learning to manage change so important? Because change is constant. It happens every minute of every day. It is literally unavoidable. And if that’s not enough… most people fear change. How would you feel if you could actually welcomed change? Just imagine what it would be like to not only accept change… but to embrace it!


The easiest way to describe living present is to ‘be where your feet are.’ To make sure your brain and your heart are wherever your feet are. Sounds easy, right? It is without question the biggest challenge most people face today. Why is living present so valuable? It will allow you to maximize the most precious resource you have… your time.


If time is our most valuable resource, then that makes attention our #1 currency. Your attention shows what you truly value. Giving someone your attention shows that you care. And caring creates connection. And connection is the foundation of leadership, influence and impact… all of which play a vital role in your performance.


Leaders are always in demand and leaders are always the highest paid. This is true on any team and in any organization. How would you like to become a more influential and impactful leader? Good news – you can be! Leadership is a choice… It’s not a title. It's not a position. It’s not a rank. You, and only you, decide whether or not you are a leader.


High performers are dedicated to serving others. They love being part of something bigger than themselves. They are fully committed to adding value to everyone and everything they come in contact with. They focus on making everyone around them better by putting the other person's interests first. They bring energy and enthusiasm to every interaction.


A team player is an individual that chooses to put the team's needs ahead of their own… and who works relentlessly to fulfill their role to accomplish the group's shared vision and mission. Team players don’t worry about what they want to do, they focus on doing what the team needs them to do. Team players understand that 'we' is greater than 'me'.


The #1 factor that determines the level of your performance – in any area of your life – can be found in the standards you live by. It’s been said that "The quality of a person’s life is reflected in the standards they set for themselves." This is because your standards dictate your performance. The higher your standards, the higher your performance.


High performers are always looking to grow, to develop and to improve. They take advantage of every chance they get to sharpen their sword and master their craft. They know that continual development is the key to happiness, fulfillment, success and significance. You must be open to learning everything you can from everyone you can.